About Thinair

Janel Wood, owner and CEO of Sunshine Wood Inc.

Hi! I'm Janel Wood of Sunshine Wood Inc.

Together with my husband Michael and our 3 children we are Sunshine Wood Inc. Our project is Thinair.cc a web solution for businesses small and large to streamline and automate daily business operations. Perfect for the sole proprietorship that just needs to schedule their jobs and create invoices in QuickBooks. Affordable for the service company with daily routes that wants to send email photo confirmation of jobs status with time tracking. Amazing for the largest of corporations that want estimating and analytics for a fraction of current cost.

From our humble beginnings we strive to offer the best value option available. We listen to your suggestions as we build the best tool in your business toolbox.

Schedule jobs days, weeks and months in advance. Route stops for maximized production and less time wasted driving around. Get real time updates when employees check in without being big brother. Make changes on the fly to adapt to your business for the day. Use time tracking to evaluate profits and costs.

Following our restart we are bringing sign on services with Facebook, Twitter and Google for ease and simplicity. Enhancing our abilities to bring interfacing with QuickBooks for customer maintenance, employee time cards and client invoicing. Everything to reduce your work while making sure you also get paid. Photos sent to your customers from a third party on any phase of your job provides verification of your status and eliminates doubts.

Save time and money with scheduling and routing allowing you to maximize your day. Increase sales and customer satisfaction with photos and email confirmation. Grow your business with analytics and tools.

Power and flexibility starting at an incredibly affordable $9.99 for the total package. Take advantage now with a no risk 30 day unrestricted trial.

From the Ohio based family business of Sunshine Wood Inc and Thinair.cc we look forward to helping you grow your business for today, tomorrow and into the future.