Thinair Your Scheduling, Routing and Photo Confirmation Tool!

Photo Confirmation Details

Photo confirmation can be a priceless asset to your business. Photos provide your customers with instant gratification of the work you have done. Photos provide you proof of a completed job or status update. Marketing with photo confirmation helps make deals easier to close. Third party verification adds validity to your claims and makes your billing all the easier. It can be the cheapest form of insurance that increases your customers overall satisfaction.

A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

And emailing a photo confirmation of your completed work is worth much, much more.



Carpet Installation / Cleaning / Repairs

Cleaning Services


Home Improvement

HVAC Installation / Repairs & Duct Cleaning

Fence Repair


Repairs & Maintenance

Jewelry & Custom Work



Pet Sitting and Pet Services


Pool and Spa Care


Snow Removal & Services

Solar Installations

Yard Work

Room Additions & Improvement

Door & Window Installations / Repairs

Professional / Technical work

Home Services

Flooring Installation

Landscaping Services

Room Additions - Sun Rooms

Home Services

Pet Walking and Exercise

Solar Installation

Plaster & Exterior Improvements

Roof Replacement

Planting and Lawn Services

Concrete and Wet Work
No matter what you do everyone benefits from an email photo confirmation. Small companies can get an edge on the competition. Big companies stay on top. Informed customers are happier and know the work is done. Billing becomes easier with photographic proof. Marketing will love the extra touch photo confirmation brings to your complete package. Using Thinair gives you 3rd party verification. Add in scheduling and routing and this becomes an indispensable package for you and your company.

All with so very little extra effort on your part and so affordable you couldn't replicate the process for less. Given that you can offer all this starting for less than $10 a month. What are you waiting for?