Terms and Conditions

This utility was designed to be easy, fast and affordable. We want to provide the very best service with the most satisfaction and least amount of inconvenience.


Usage of this website and programs indicates you have read through, understand and all of the terms and conditions.

Intended Audience

This program is designed as a tool to assist in the scheduling, routing and job end tracking for individuals and companies alike.


Thinair or Thinair.cc; the business providing this tool for use.

Company - the person or persons aka company that is utilizing this tool.


Thinair considers your privacy one of our top priorities. At no time will Thinair sell or distribute any of your company information or the data we collect to any outside party. Additionally we DO NOT STORE your credit card information, even though we encrypt your CC information it is deleted off our servers as soon as it is entered into our accounting software for monthly billing.

Data Storage

Although at the onset of this tool there are no intentions of data deletion, it is recommended that any long term data storage be performed by the company. And that the company be responsible for all long term data storage. Thinair will provide a copy by means of email CC to the company and the email provided. Thinair will keep a copy of the text data for an unspecified period of time as a service to our customers. But if the time comes that data storage becomes too costly, Thinair reserves the right to remove old data to help keep costs down and provide a fast data retrieval.

At no time is the intention of Thinair to store any images and you are encouraged to download all email copies to your own personal backup server for later retrieval.

Up Time

Thinair contracts the very best hosting, providing virtual servers with a 99.9% rated up time. Thinair will always strive to 100% available at all times for the benefit of the company but realize that there may be times of outage that is out of control of Thinair and that Thinair can not be responsible for these outages.

There may come from time to time for a need for maintenance on our servers or software. We will always strive for predetermined times and dates for scheduled maintenance that does the least impact for the majority of our users. If we ever need to perform immediate and unscheduled maintenance, we will perform such maintenance as fast as possible to provide minimum downtime and maximum up time for all our customers.


Accuracy is dependent on Google Maps and the accuracy they provide. If at any time we can improve upon this accuracy we will pursue all avenues to do so. It is also not uncommon for an address to be not accurately represented in Google Maps, so it is recommended for all and especially remote and rural addresses additional directions and location information be procured to ensure proper location.


Thinair will invoice and charge the company credit card on regular monthly intervals for the amount of licenses the company has specified. Billing is for full one month increments only. No partial months will be offered. Billing will always be for the greatest amount of Drivers assigned for a given month. Thinair utilizes QuickBooks for automated billing through our parent company SunShine Wood, Inc.. If at any time billing of the company credit card fails, service will immediately be suspended until a new credit card is supplied that can satisfactory complete a transaction with a positive approval.


The company can cancel at anytime after the initial 14 day trial by submitting an intent to cancel letter in writing with a minimum 10 days notice of cancellation.

Driver Changes

Since the billing of this tool is based upon how many driver spots you have, changing the amount of drivers is limited to once every 30 days. Since we are very affordable, you can reserve space for an extra driver without breaking the bank, by having 1-2 extra driver slots available. If you add or subtract a driver, the driver billing change will take place at the normal billing date and not be reflected immediately. So if your billing date is the 5th and on the 20th you add 5 more drivers, you will not be charged for the 5 new drivers until the next billing cycle. Same holds true for removing drivers, the change will be reflected in the next billing cycle. Each monthly billing will be for the maximum amount of drivers you have assigned for the given month.

Driver/Stops Limitation

Google Maps has limited the amount of stops on a given route to 23. So no route will show more than 23 stops. If you need more stops, you can add drivers/routes for AM and PM to get to 46 stops in a day or you can add even more drivers if more stops are needed even though the driver does not change.


Thinair and the parent company, Sunshine Wood Inc, assume no responsibility or liability in the use and operation of this tool. From the onset we strive for accuracy combined with ease of use however there may be conditions from time to time where accuracy is compromised for speed or simply because the information on the web and in Google is inaccurate. Since we rely on the accuracy of information completely out of our control, we can not be held responsible or liable for any mistakes or errors and omissions. At no time does Thinair guaranty any accuracy or provide any warranty and cannot be held responsible for any monetary damages resulting from the use of or misuse of this tool.